Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I grew up with my neighbor whose mother was quite the artist. She dabbled in different mediums of art including painting, sewing, card making...etc. That was my very first introduction to art other than coloring with crayons inside the black lines. Fast forward to post college where I had concentrated in nothing but studying. My creative right brain was non-existent till I met Eric, and within a year I started reading wedding blogs, wedding bee to be exact. I read about weddings all day and created my own imageboard of my future wedding, all the way down to the specifics, cake toppers. At the time, I was obsessed with a bird theme wedding (love birds) and that’s when I came across the exquisite Ann Wood cake toppers. After more research into birds, I started noticing some random felted birds. First thought was…"what the heck is felting?!" I looked it up and still didn’t quite understand, but my inquisitive nature peeked through…onward! That’s when I stumbled on Lauren Alane’s felted cake toppers, and it was love at first sight. I just HAD to know this art medium and get my feet wet. After some email exchanges (she’s a darling!) I got the idea of this foreign art. She also referred me to Jenn Docherty, who she was inspired from (and I as well!). Then, I went crazy and bought a TON of wool and got started. Sadly this was in Dec 2009, and my first project was remaking her birds for fun because I loved them so much (of course with her permission—as long as I didn’t sell my imitation), and as of today, I only have one of the black birds with no feet! I do have to mention that another crafter that aided me during this time where I was trying to get a good grasp of how to make a successful figure is kitlane. Her work is so amazing!! So anyway, this weekend was the weekend, I started the coordinating bird and I do intend on finishing her! AND get started on my own line of somethings to sell! I'm feeling a little ambitious these days, and hope not to lose sight amidst all the crazy that is my life.

Soooo HANG TIGHT! ...and wish me a lot of luck to get a finished product out of my own design!

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