Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Needle felted cake toppers listed in Etsy

Needle felted love birds cake topper

These cute needle felted love birds is my first, ever, attempt to make my own wedding cake toppers! I made changes after this set, but I may continue to make one's like the small cute blue guy if the results are good and it actually sells. I've been so nervous about putting my items on Etsy and have put it off long enough.

My biggest fear, probably like everyone else selling for the first time, is that the hard work I put into each bird (hours and hours!) isn't taken into account with the price. However, I don't want to decrease the value of my blood sweat and tears (literally) invested in each bird! So, fingers crossed!

I'm slowly posting each bird and couple up, so check back often!

Without further adieu, the love birds are up! Shop Etsy.

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