Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New needle felted owls, penguins, and a robot.

An overdue post on some needle felted friends I made during the beginning of the wedding planning frenzy that I never shared.

Needle felted wedding toppers

Only the gray tuxedo owl (right) is newly made. I am using the bride for my own wedding cake topper since she looks tropical and we are getting married in Maui (hooray!). I am only debating who the groom should be. This original black owl, or this gray tuxedo owl! Decisions, decisions...

Needle felted owl

I suspect he will have a female friend coming soon-ish.

Needle felted penguin

I adore this penguin and his gigantic forehead! I really want to make his a female friend with a pink bow.

robot friend

For a couple of days, I was really into androids because of a keychain I stole borrowed. I decided to felt an android...as you can see, it does not quite look like an android. If I separated the legs, it wouldn't be able to stand, and I wanted a standing android-but that failed. So now I have a green robot with no eyes. But, that will change real soon.

Now, I only keep a listing or two on Etsy and post a gallery up of available items for sale on my picasa.

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