Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wedding invitations complete


I finally completed my friend's 230 wedding invitations! HOORAY! Balancing these invitations on top of school and work, at the time, was a tremendous accomplishment. You know, not going mental and all. But after some drastic life changes, I am much less of a nervous wreck all the time.  I’ll try to document my crafting as time permits, but posting has become lower on the long list of priorities.

Invitations were designed on Adobe Illustrator and paper materials used were:
  • Solutions Linen Envelopes A-7 70# Recycled Linen Test Envelopes 250/box – Color: Natural
  • Classic Linen Text and Cover-8.5x11 80# Cover 250 Sheets / Pkg – Color: Classic Natural White
  • Curious Metallics Text and Cover-8.5x11 Cover 25 Sheets / Pkg – Color: Violette
allisons invite

What else have I been up to? Trying not to be killed by a bear 15-20 ft away whilst walking through the meadows.

Sequioa bears


  1. I would really like to start creating my own invitations... you menitonned that you used adove illustrator... do you find it a good tool...ive never used it... would you recomend a different program? Thanks!

  2. Hi Jessica! I would recommend photoshop because I think that is easier to use than Illustrator. You can find free vectors to download to help with your design. Or you can scan designs you like and work with that on these programs. Hope that helped!


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