Sunday, April 10, 2011

Juju hat smitten

You're probably wondering what a juju hat is, well it is only the most beautiful set of tail feathers that I would LOVE to put above my mantle! It's a feathered headdress from Africa and typically worn my tribal chiefs in the Cameroonian kingdoms. The feathers are hand woven into a raffia base...I wonder if I could just get a ton of feathers and glue them all together and replicate this instead of pay $6-700 for a piece of this...

This hand-stitched Moroccan leather pouf is also on my "need to acquire" list. This is more affordable coming in at ~$200. Functions as a foot stool or extra seating. I like this shade of orange or some shade of yellow.

And these will probably never be justifiable purchase: Moroccan wedding blanket. Isn't that Berber rug just to die for??

**I stumbled across the amazing Louise Bell and her tabletonic blog/store while searching for a couch. Isn't her taste simply impeccable?**


  1. Oooooh thank you Vicky and what a fab blog!! I've added you to my Saturday "new blog discoveries" post on TT, off to have a bit of a browse now! Hope you find that dream couch soon! xLouise

  2. i am obsessing over juju hats too! i need a pink one!! beautiful blog...

  3. Thanks LoveDesignCompany! The blog is still a work in progress, but glad some people like it!


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