Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Needle felted owls and birds

First completed needle felted owls

Meet Mary and Molly, my first completed needle felted owls completed! Hacked my brain for a bird design and came up with this owl!

Love birds (cake toppers)

The love birds ready to be on top of a cake

Completed cake toppers for myself!

Finally, the set I first started in Dec 2009, completed at last. One day, it will perch on top of my very own cake...or something like that.

Hope you all like it! Looks like I will be opening up that etsy shop soon!


  1. hi vicky!
    found you thru table tonic's blog.
    your 'about' blurb could be me!!!
    looking forward to reading along on your journey.
    mrs c. xox

  2. Thanks! This will be an interesting journey, glad you like it so far!


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