Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rope art and Patchwork 2011

Rope Art
Inspired by a DIY from design*sponge, I bought two packs of rope and went to town with my glue gun. I actually completed my project last summer but during a heat wave in southern California, I came home to my wall art in pieces all over the floor. Apparently, high temp glue would have been the way to go here. Now with my high temp glue I am re-piecing it all back together!

Patchwork May 2011
Patchwork May 2011
We went to Patchwork this past Sunday and came home with two posters from The Poster List and two greeting cards from Merry Blues Art. We loved the repetition of the owl poster and the whales were just too cute to pass up! The greeting cards from Merry Blues Art were quite unique. She uses banana paper and designs the cards herself. The graphics are just as unique as her eco-friendly choice of card stock!

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