Sunday, April 15, 2012

WIP: Appliqué quilted tree leaves guestbook

heart tree

Sifting through all the creative and unique ideas for our wedding guestbook, I finally found something we loved and wouldn't just end up collecting dust in the garage or attic. We loved the thumbprint guestbook ideas, but we really didn't think we'd want to hand a poster up forever and the transportation of the poster from California to Maui would be more difficult. In comes the quilted tree! My future MIL is graciously helping for this project as she is a quilter and knows appliqué. I've only watched youtube videos and am pretty sure it'll come out look like my 8th grade sewing projects. I'm responsible for the look and design of the tree and it'll be handed off once I have ironed on the design to look similar to the inspiration photo above.


Fusible wedding (I used Pellon Wonder-Under)

Guestbook tree quilt

1. Cut out the shape of your leaves on the card stock as your template
2. Use your template and trace leaves on the smooth side of the fusible webbing

Guestbook tree quilt

3. Prepare the iron and cut out the whole piece of webbing sheet that contains the leaves. Do not cut out each leaf yet. I drew them as close as possible as white space is just wasted webbing.

Guestbook tree quilt

4. Iron on the wrong side of the fabric to the rough side of the webbing. Make sure the iron is clean on the bottom.

Guestbook tree quilt

5. Once webbing is adhered, cut out each leaf.

Guestbook tree quilt

This is roughly what the quilt or pillow will look like. Since we are having a destination wedding, this is the easiest and lightest item to transport. No other parts of the tree will be coming (or made) with us, just the leaves. The guests will be asked to sign the leaves with a permanent fabric marker and there is enough space for a little message.

Warning: Do not use a sharpie marker for fabric expecting it to stay. Trust me.

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