Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY wedding invitations- DONE!!

Finished wedding invitations

We made our own wedding invitations with a friend to help design the image we envisioned and letterpress the image/text. Now having this experience under our belt, I do have a few words of wisdom for you folks that are considering making your own invitations.

One- unless you are seriously on a tight budget, do not make your own pocketfolds like we did-buy them! The small amount of money saved was not worth the tremendous time we spent making them ourselves.
Two- buy a really good paper cutter/trimmer if you ignore suggestion one. I don't know the right tool, but I have a fiskars trimmer that just wasn't cutting perfect squares/lines because of inconsistent user, but hey-good products should account for that!
Three- order your paper online rather than buying from BM stores (e.g. paper-source). There's a big savings to be had here.

Stay tuned for a "how-to" tutorial. Detailed process will include materials, cost, all paper measurements, type of paper...etc.


  1. Hi Vicky,

    Great advice! You did an amazingly good job on the folders - must have been grueling! We've specialized in DIY invites since we opened a big handmade paper/letterpress print shop back in 1995. We started doing DIY back then, and saw how difficult it was to DIY from scratch. And, amazingly inefficient. So we came up with DIY invite kits in 1998 and kept improving them. We import paper, and fabricate everything inhouse -- and sell direct to couples, so this keeps the price down. Very little middleman markups.

    Would love your review:
    Mostly eco, many with letterpress printed elements. All desktop printable, or we can print.
    Best to you!

  2. Hi Vicky,

    How much money did you save vs. buying pre-made pocket envelopes? Just curious because I was thinking about making mine!

  3. Hi Mari! I can't remember the exact amount at the top of my head but I want to say it was definitely in the $.20/piece if I made ALL paper I bought into pocket folds, but since I only have 50 invites, I only used a fraction of the ream I purchased. The more you make, the lower the price per piece is. But I have to warn you, it IS a lot of work!! If you have a whole team to help you out, it is much more doable!

  4. what template did you use for the actual invitations (any part with wording)?


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